Monday, May 29, 2006

#1c LTA Conference (continued)

The podcast presents the last three conversations from the LTA Conference at Sheffield Hallam University.
Andrew Middleton speaks to Bob Steele about the 'Developing Games for Learning' project. This initiative was a Games for Learning awareness raising initiative, where Bob's undergraduate Visualisation students had been matched with academics across the faculties at SHU. Andrew and Bob are joined by two academics, Claire and John, who had been introduced to the project during the session. Together they discuss interprofessional learning, opportunities for commercial interest, and how the principles of student learning engagement map to game play.
Graham Holden, leader of the Assessment for Learning initiative, launched at the conference, discusses how current good assesssment practice can be developed.
Finally, Andrew meets up with Anne Nortcliffe. At the beginning of the day they had co-presented a session on Audio Notes. Andrew notes the way in which the audio files are used as 'Pre-vision' files, leading to deeper discussion in the lecture sessions that follow.

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