Thursday, May 18, 2006

#1 Podcast launch at the LTA Conference 2006

Andrew Middleton introduces the Podcasting for LTA initiative and meets delegates at SHU's LTA Conference. Andrew set out to speak to at least 30 different people in this first episode of the podcast in an attempt to ensure the podcast provides an opportunity for anyone to contribute and share ideas and good practice.
Regular programme features are introduced including 'The Big Idea' - an ambitious promise to offer 'a big idea for LTA' for each week of the year.
Andrew succeeded in speaking to so many people that coverage of the LTA Conference has had to be split over this week's programme and an extra programme that he will slot in next week where we will hear from other delegates, including some of the Faculty Heads for LTA as well as Graham Holden, who launched the Assessment for Learning initiative at this year's conference.

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