Monday, June 26, 2006

#4 Student Placement experience, Ethics and Accessibility in podcasting

I speak with four students on placement and consider the value of the experience. Also in the new 'In Brief...' section I consider ethical and accessible podcasting. The LTA Gems features academic colleagues reflecting on the benefits of podcasting and screencasting.

Information on these can be found in Wikipedia:

In the 'In Brief...' section I raise questions about ethics and accessibility legislation in podcasting. If anyone has any thoughts or information that could be useful, or just opinions, please email the show at lta-podcast 'AT'

Contact: email lta-podcast "AT"

Saturday, June 17, 2006

#3 ICED, Mobile Learning, Games, International Students

In the mini feature this week I reflect on a couple of the sessions that I attended at the ICED 2006 educational development conference that took place here at Sheffield Hallam University. I look at two initiatives from Europe, one a role-play technique and the second a solution to delivering educational development materials by email:

The main feature crosses several themes of interest to me - mobile learning technologies, games for learning and cultural exchange. I talk with two post graduate students from Germany about their innovative projects. They're here studying with UK students from the MSc in Games Software Development at Sheffield Hallam University.
They mention PDA (Portable Digital Assistant) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) based projects. Try Wikipedia as a starting point for further information on these devices:
Also see:
Kukulska-hulme, A. and Traxler, J. (2005). Mobile learning: a handbook for educators and trainers. Routledge.
Prensky, M. (2001). Digital game-based learning. McGraw-Hill.

The Big Idea - This week I suggested making a resolution to breaking down cultural resistance to reusability by 'daring to share' not just resources, but ideas and practice too.

Calls for Participation - send me your ideas for Ice Breaker Activities, News and Info and ideas for new features. Come and take part in making the programme!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

#2 SMS Texting for learning

The main feature is a discussion about the potential for using SMS Text Messages to enhance learning. Karl McCauley and Susannah Diamond join Andrew Middleton in discussing ideas, limitations and current opportunities at Sheffield Hallam University for this technology. The LTA Report and briefing documents on innovation and practice in LTA are also introduced.
The documents referred to in the show are available to members of SHU staff at:
For people with ideas and questions relating to the SMS Text Messaging feature contact Susannah Diamond at s.m.diamond "AT"
If you're interested in reading more about how SMS Text Messaging has been used in UK HE see the following articles:
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