Thursday, January 24, 2008

#59 Picture This!

cc Elmada, 2007

An exhibition of photographs to enhance learning.
Students and staff are invited to submit photographs to an exhibition of photographs and stories to be held in Sheffield Hallam University in May 2008. There is also a photo competition to encourage students to submit work.
A Picture is worth a thousand words - Prove it!
Digital cameras in one form or another are within reach of most of us everyday, wherever we are. Tools to edit and distribute the photographs we produce are also widely accessible. Your challenge is to demonstrate how can we take advantage of this in education.
Picture This! will be an exhibition featuring photographs taken by students and staff
in the course of learning and teaching.
To encourage students to contribute a photograph, and the story of why it was taken, the University is running this competition with three £150 prizes.

Your photo assignment...
Send us one photograph with between 150 and 300 words that explain why you took the photograph and how it related to your work.
5 further prizes of £10.00 each are available to students who email us the best ideas for how their course could make use of photographs. So whether your strength is in writing, photography or coming up with ideas there's a prize for you!
There are 3 categories:
*Ideas - creative ideas for the use of photographs to support learning
*Photograph - most engaging photograph
*Story - best learning story
Submission deadline: 28 March 2008
The Exhibition
An exhibition of submitted work will be hosted in the University during May 2008.

The judging panel
A panel of three judges will select the winners. They will include the Academic Affairs Officer of the Hallam Student's Union and the Head of Academic Innovation in the Learning and Teaching Institute at Sheffield Hallam University.
This initiative is being run by Academic Innovation in the Learning and Teaching Institute at Sheffield Hallam University.
For further information contact Andrew Middleton, a.j.middleton AT
Submission rules
You can submit up to 3 entries with 3 different stories. Joint entries are permitted. You can nominate your preferred category or leave it open.

Submit digital photograph(s) in JPG format as an email attachment or through a link to a photo-sharing service like
Include your name, year and course details.

All submissions may be used to inform research and promote best practice. By submitting your entry you give the University permission to reproduce it in publications and at academic events with acknowledgement, but no fee. You may only submit work that belongs to you.

Contact: email lta-podcast "AT"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#58 Photographic interventions

Luke Bennett, a Senior Lecturer in the Built Environment subject group, shares his experience of using cameras to liven up law teaching. He has taken two approaches: the creative integration of photographs in his own teaching materials, and secondly by setting photography-based student assignments to create an engaging platform for some of the drier classess. Luke mentions that he used Flickr as a website so that his students could contribute their images - you can access flickr at Andrew Middleton also introduces the Ubiquitous Images Exhibition that will take place at Sheffield Hallam this year in which academic and student photographs will be displayed. You can contact Andrew if you have something to submit at: a.j.middleton AT

Contact: email lta-podcast "AT"