Wednesday, November 08, 2006

#20 e-Portfolios

Andrew Middleton speaks to Susannah Diamond who is leading the e-Portfolios initiative from Sheffield Hallam University's Learning and Teaching Institute. She offered a definition for e-Portfolios: they are digital presentations of meaningful and contextualised collections of assorted content. She proposes five major uses for portfolios: assessment; learning; presentation; personal development; and as a working environment.

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#19 Mooting

Andrew Middleton attends a mooting session. He joins Leslie Lomax and her undergraduate law students from the Mooting One module in a two hour mooting session to find out how this form of professional role play works and to consider its application to non-law disciplines. The Faculty of Development and Society's 'Mooting One' is an exciting module designed to develop research, legal argument, advocacy, team work, self-management and reflection skills. He references a session by Kirsten Hardie from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth presented at the HE Academy Conference 2006 entitled 'On trial: teaching without talking'. Hardie had used mooting with art students.

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#18 Teaching and lurking

Andrew Middleton and Mark Pettigrew discuss an article by Jakob Nielsen in his Alertbox column from October 9, 2006 entitled 'Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute' ( Can the ideas he presents in this piece be mapped to education, specifically participation in online asynchronous discussion?

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