Thursday, May 25, 2006

#1b LTA Conference (continued)

More conversations from the Sheffield Hallam University LTA Conference 2006 which took place in Sheffield, UK on the 17th May.
Also a Call for Prticipation: Do you use ice breaker activities either in the classroom or online? Contribute your ideas for ice breakers to the Ice Breaker Pool being collated through this programme. E-mail with your techniques.
In this half hour podcast Andrew Middleton of the Learning & Teaching Institute speaks to academics, support staff and students attending the LTA Conference 2006. Andrew speaks to: Chris Glover (Assessment for Learning Initiative), Manny Madriaga (D&S), Andy and John (D&S students who took part in the European Challenge), Dave Crutchley (Head of LTA in HWB) and Peter Walder (D&S),Mike Bramhall (Head of LTA in ACES), Matt Spriggs (student on placement in the LTI),Viv Thom and Jackie Calkwell (both from the Learner Support Team in Student Services Centre), Dave Cotton (Careers, Student Support Services), Helen Bywater (HWB involved in the CIPL CETL), Richard Mather (LTI), Rob Appleyard (HWB), Lyn Clouder (from Coventry University, a partner in the CIPL CETL), Abbie Deeming (from Chesterfield College).
A third and final compilation of conversations from the conference will appear shortly.
The Big Idea selected from this episode was suggested by Abbie Deeming who was visting the conference from Chesterfield College. She was particularly impressed by a session she attended on 'mooting', a technique from Law practice that shows how research can be presented in an engaging way using thorough multi-participant approaches in arguing different perspectives. (An interesting site on mooting is Mooting Net at which includes instructions on getting started). Abbie's contribution is the last in this series of interviews.

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