Monday, March 10, 2008

#60 Digital storytelling for HE

Digital Storytelling is yet to make a large impact on Higher Education in the UK. This is about to change. A small, but growing network of academic innovators is emerging recognising the potential of DST as a way of sharing experience, of developing one's understanding through the process of making stories and thirdly by using digital technologies as tools to facilitate communication and collaboration. In this interview Julie Coleman, a Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at Sheffield Hallam, describes her own interest in the media and he thoughts about its wider application. Julie references the Patient's Voices website where you can find some examples of stories:

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Simon said...

Although I agree with the final point about the importance of authenticity, I would be interested to see how this can be developed as a wider means of producing educational resources. Can we take DST and use its simplicity to cut the development time of developing vodcast type materials? Retain the enthusiasm of the academic while not relying on "personal revelations". Great episode!