Tuesday, September 11, 2007

#53 Institution or student owned technology? - some conclusions on the academic adoption of Web 2.0

This is the third recording that has emanated from the ALT-C workshop that set out to evaluate the fit between Web 2.0 technologies and e-portfolios led by Susannah Diamond and Andrew Middleton from Sheffield Hallam University. Reflecting on the workshop, and the outcomes of the various user-participation activities, Andrew and Susannah realised that they were arriving at some conclusions. It came as a surprise to find that matters regarding the academic adoption of Web 2.0 were beginning to fall into place. The discussion references the wiki to which the data was posted. This is publicly available at http://portfolios-2-0.pbwiki.com/. If you would like to contribute to that wiki please email Andrew at lta-podcast@shu.ac.uk for details on accessing it.

Contact: email lta-podcast "AT" shu.ac.uk

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