Monday, March 05, 2007

#35 Social networking - barcamp style

Andrew Middleton travels to Edinburgh on a sunny Saturday to find out about Barcamps. He attends, and takes an active part in BarcampScotland. Barcamps, aka Unconferences, are informal, spontaneous, user-created conferences. Attendees are invited by networked peers. This peer networking approach is the method that ensures the quality and the focus of the event. Once invited you sign up on a barcamp wiki to say you're going and what you're interested in and what you can present on. This episode attempts to capture the essence of the event itself. Later episodes may present some of the talks that went on. The sound quality was not so good on this, so apologies for that.
Look at the BarcampScotland wiki for more information:
Search the web for other networked content using the BarcampScotland tag.
Better photos are available at Flickr tagged as BarcampScotland
My impromptu presentation slides can be found at Slideshare

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